A shrimp Po Boy with a zesty slaw.
Sandwich of the South: Shrimp Po Boys 071713 AE 1 Kelly Moore A shrimp Po Boy with a zesty slaw.

Kelly Moore

A shrimp Po Boy with a zesty slaw.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Sandwich of the South: Shrimp Po Boys

 Let’s talk Po Boys. They’re quite possibly the best sandwiches on the planet. They contain three of my favorite ingredients: Shrimp, bread and fried. Okay, fried isn’t an ingredient, but let’s face it, anything fried has to be good. Southerners are known for their frying and the shrimp Po Boy doesn’t disappoint.

I don’t fry as much these days, but when I do, I go all in. Alaska is blessed with the most amazing seafood and the shrimp is at the top of the list. These succulent crustaceans are large and sweet and taste incredible. We used to set our own crab pots but after losing five pots and spending hundreds of dollars on gas, I decided buying was more pragmatic.

Alaskan shrimp are also spiny. Because of this, I try to get others to peel them. Alas I was alone and couldn’t delegate the task. This says how much I wanted a Po Boy sandwich. I peeled a pound of shrimp in no time flat.

My flour was spiced with Cajun seasonings, salt and pepper. The crowning touch was the coleslaw. It was zesty, sweet and savory. A few ingredients and I had a sandwich worthy of any Southerner.

This week, I present a zesty and delicious way to enjoy Alaska’s shrimp: Shrimp Po Boys with Zesty Slaw.

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Shrimp Po Boys with Zesty Slaw

1 pound shrimp, peeled, deveined and rinsed

4 fresh French rolls

1 cup all purpose flour

2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

2 cups vegetable oil

Cabbage, shredded

¼ cup coleslaw dressing

1 tablespoon hot cocktail sauce

2-3 teaspoons chipotle adobo sauce*

Combine, cocktail sauce, coleslaw dressing and chipotle adobo sauce in small bowl. Add more of each until you get desired tastes. Bring oil to 350 degrees in large pot or skillet. Combine flour, Cajun seasonings, salt and pepper. Dredge shrimp in flour and quickly fry; about 3-5 minutes. Cut rolls in half, add coleslaw and then stuff with shrimp.