PUBLISHED: 4:58 PM on Wednesday, July 16, 2008
First Book seeks board members
KETCHIKAN - The Southeast Chapter of First Book holds public meetings the second Thursday of every month in the Landing Hotel meeting room at 5:00 pm. First Book is a national organization that provides books to low income children for home libraries. Teachers and group leaders select the books and distribute one a month to each child in their care. The national office more than matches what is raised locally in the form of Borders gift cards. Ketchikan's chapter got $6,000 last year in Borders cards to distribute locally. Recipients included Head Start, Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers/Big Sisters, local daycares, preschools, libraries and child advocacy agencies such as the Association for the Education of Young Children. First Book is also accepting applications right now for the next round of grants. Contact Charlotte Glover at 225-0370 for more info.