PUBLISHED: 3:10 PM on Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Hi friends at the Weekly,
With all due respect to my dear friend Jim Ruotsala- your photo showing Juneau in the winter of 1918 caught my attention. I had taken a similar picture looking up that same street during the early 60s. Yes, it is at the Intersection of Fourth, but it crosses at Franklin NOT at Gold.

Some of the buildings are still standing. The Spickett apartments are peeking through at the top right, the house in the right foreground was removed in the 50s to make room for the parking lot of the Mendenhall Apts. The one time manse for the Presbyterian Church [later the Glen Leach home; and even later the law office of Bill Council and others;]Eis on the left with the Conn Apts further up on the corner. Farther up on the 5th street corner you can see the home once owned by the Dapcevich family.

EThat is all.

EThanks to Jim for supplying the archives and for you folks for running these historical photos. Keep it up.

J. Allan MacKinnon

lifelong Juneauite