PUBLISHED: 3:10 PM on Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Thank You:
The Gastineau Humane Society would like to thank everyone who helped create Patches the Parade Cat. A big thank you to Lara Karaim and her friends at Perseverance Glass for coming up with the design for Patches. To Debbie Stokes and Carol Schriver who brought the body to life. To Tom Schriver who made the frame so Patches could have a body. To Carrie Hoover and Jan Paul for giving Patches mobility and marching her down the street. To Kevin Schriver for building the frames for the signs, To Kelli Schroder, Carrie Hoover, Brenda McKinley, Autumn Stoddard, Nicole Banister, Melissa Axmann, Denali Hyatt, for making the signs. To Debbie Stokes who also made the costumes for 22 kittens and to Teresa Miller for working on costumes and painting the kitten faces, To all the kittens who marched with Patches : James Gilchrest, Greg Gilchrest, Danaya Coldwell, Cathy Mattson, Sally Paul, Eliza Walkey, Jamie Paddock, Melissa Axmann, Brianna Avis, Autumn Stoddard, Nichole Bannister, David Miller, Allison Brandt, Vanessa Franson, Miya Streuber, Morgen Obersinner-Gage , and Jade Dunn Dago. And to the bigger kittens, Larry Streuber, Teresa Miller, Brenda McKinley, and Carol Schriver. A huge thank you for all who contributed to our nickels for neuters campaign. The donations added up to $693.51.

Thank you to all the participants in the annual Frisbee Toss in Douglas. First Place went to B.J. Andrews and his lab Zeke. Second Place went to Don Martin and his lab Trudy, and Third place went to Rick& Stacey Poulson-Edwards and their Border Collie, Taku.