Q&A with HomeSkillet Fest's co-director Ashia Lane
Sitka's HomeSkillet Fest ready 071112 AE 1 Capital City Weekly Q&A with HomeSkillet Fest's co-director Ashia Lane
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Sitka's HomeSkillet Fest ready

Q&A with HomeSkillet Fest's co-director Ashia Lane

Q: What is HomeSkillet Fest?

A: HomeSkillet Fest is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring exciting new music to Sitka. Our primary event is our July festival, an outdoors music concert of about 10 acts per day, with musicians from Alaska and the west coast.

Q: How did it get started?

A:The festival branched out from the indie record label, HomeSkillet Records, that my brother George Huff and our friend Nick Galanin began years ago. It has evolved over time, beginning as a loosely-structured gathering of friends and family who were supporting local music, and growing into a fantastic outdoor event with a much larger group of extended friends and family enjoying a unique musical experience. We've held the event in various venues around town, but are happy to take it back outside again this year.

Q: How long has it been happening?

A: 2012 is the 7th year of the festival, which seems unbelievable! It has changed a lot over the years- thankfully the community has been supportive and flexible, helping us to grow and understand the needs of running this kind of operation.

Q: What is the primary focus of the festival?

A: Our idea is to provide festival goers with a solid musical experience - one that helps expose listeners to new sounds and upcoming trends in music. The benefits that come out of the whole thing are great: the musicians who travel to Sitka from all over the US get a unique playing experience, the local acts further their skills and contribute directly to their community, and the audience gets to experience fresh live music that might otherwise be out of reach.

Q: How do you pick your bands?

A:Typically we approach musicians that we personally like and listen to, but we also get recommendations from friends or bands that have participated in previous years. Our picks are dictated by who's affordable, available, and will provide a good show.

Q: Who will be appearing this summer?

A: Our headline acts this year are Medicine for the People, who came up a couple years ago and really interacted well with the audience, and Don't Talk to the Cops, a trio from Seattle who are super fun and energetic. Both groups get folks dancing, and we are really excited for their shows.

We also have some amazing local acts on the schedule, including 13 year-old Zachary Wright, Silver Jackson, delta-blues man Strummin' Dog, teen brothers Christian and Isiah Jensen, and Juneau acts Nicole Church, Diatribe NW, and Terri Tibbett.

Other festival visitors include Aisha Fukishima(San Francisco), Metal Chocolates(Seattle), and Kingdom Crumbs(Seattle). A full schedule is available on our website.

Q: What else will be happening at the event?

A: There will be food, a beer garden, face painting, and the entire putting green for kids (and everyone else) to run and play on.

Q: When and where is the event?

A: July 13 and 14, 5pm-10pm each day at Sea Mountain Golf Course, 301 Granite Creek Road.

Q: Do people need to purchase tickets ahead of time?

A: Tickets are $10 this year, with kids 10 & under Free. They are available now through our website and at Sitka's Old Harbor Books, but should also be available at the door.

Q: Do you have a website for more information?

A: or find us on Facebook.