The Great land smiled and brought forth a Child
Poem: Thunderbird Child 070914 AE 2 (For our Mothers) The Great land smiled and brought forth a Child
Wednesday, July 09, 2014

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Poem: Thunderbird Child

The Great land smiled and brought forth a Child

beneath the Stars of North

It's taken near ten thousand years

to bring this Child forth

Those starry skies lit up her eyes

and Sunshine gave his smile

A Taku Wind swirl had sculpted a girl

most dashing, brilliant and wild

The Eagles proclaimed a Thunderbird name

while Ravens waited in line

and Warriors danced on and gave her a song

and Hummingbirds put it to rhyme

Robins came near and crafted her ears

Bluejays filled in the racket

Salmon were fun, they taught her to run

and Halibut gave her a jacket

The Beaver was first to put her to work

and Otters put her to play

Porcupine quills would give her some skills

and Bees would chase her away

She learned to hug from Grizzly Bear cubs

because they were both golden brown

And big Mama Bear had taught her to scare

whenever the Wolves came around

So much was done in the Midnight Sun

where Northern Lights unfold

The Mountains placed the last embrace

and made her Heart from gold

She knew all along where she belongs

from what she learned as a Child

and will now pass on that Thunderbird Song

of beauty that's magic and wild

For she came from the land of the Southeast Clans

and was loved right from the start

and people will come to the beat of her drum

and live to the beat of her heart

- Daku'dane John Perkins