PUBLISHED: 4:51 PM on Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Big Brothers Big Sisters finds another 'perfect match'
Ketchikan - "A perfect match!" is how "Little Brother" Jerry feels about being matched with his "Big Brother" Norm in Ketchikan's Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).

"Norm is a great guy to be with," Jerry said. "He is a good role model. He always knows exactly what to say."

Norm agreed. "Jerry is fun to be with and polite," Norm said. "He enjoys trying new things. He is a great kid, and we get along very well together. Joann (BBBS community coordinator) did a fabulous job of matching the two of us."

photo courtesy of Joann Flora
  Big Brother Norm (Left) and Little Brother Jerry pose in front of "Matched Hands Wall" in the Ketchikan Big Brothers Big Sisters' office.
"Norm has been the best thing that has happened to Jerry," said Jerry's mother. "He is a good man who totally respects him. Norm is funny - has us rolling on the floor."

Norm and Jerry meet regularly. "We meet every Wednesday after school," Norm said, "but sometimes on the weekend instead. Having a regular planned time gives us something to look forward to."

On a recent sunny day the Match took a skiff to Naha. Norm said it marked the first time Jerry had been out in a boat smaller than the ferry.

That experience included a hike all the way to Orton Ranch. "That was really fun," Jerry said. "Now I know what a door feels like."

Soon after came kayaking with BBBS, the May Monthly Activity for "Bigs" and "Littles." Other fun things Norm and Jerry have enjoyed include playing basketball, ping-pong and air-hockey; sledding in the snow, beach-combing on Rotary Beach, board games, an art project and a homework project about the planet Mercury.

April's BBBS Monthly Activity, a tour and lunch aboard the Coast Guard cutter Acushnet, provided many unfolding adventures. Jerry and Norm's favorite mini class that day involved trying on the firefighting equipment and, with the lights turned out on that part of the ship, learning how to use the infrared detector.

A match is magic!

"I have been a bit surprised by how much fun it is to do things with Jerry, even when I am tired," Norm said. "And I don't always have a 'plan' about what we are going to do, but we usually figure out something fun to do together. Sometimes I just take him along when I am running errands in town and he seems to enjoy that too."

Norm said he feels great about the match. "The group activities are awesome," he says. "They introduce the 'Littles' and 'Bigs' to other people and are usually great fun. My advice to adults who are thinking about becoming a 'Big' is 'Just do it! It is a lot more fun than you are expecting.' This is one of those things that is really worth doing, no matter how 'busy' you are."

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