PUBLISHED: 10:36 AM on Wednesday, July 6, 2005
Gold Rush Days Competition Winners
Saturday, June 25th Times

Jack Leg Drilling
Al Morrison 2:28.17

Team Drilling
Dennis Clark & 2:25.43
Jim (Smitty) Smith

Men's Hand Mucking

Dennis Clark 55.55

Women's Hand Mucking
Alea Oien 31.38

Men's Spike Driving

Dennis Clark 42.84

Women's Spike Driving

Alea Oien 35.74

12B Overshot Mucking

Jim (Smitty) Smith 35.82

Jack and Jill Relay

Cal Richert & Nikki Richert 1:46.56

Gold Panning - Sourdough

Hank Masters 40.00

Gold Panning - Junior

Tiana Hay 1:18.00

Sat. Children's Spike Driving

Paul Marks 26.88

Sat. Children's Hand Mucking

Dillon Tomaro 17.08

Sat. Children's Choker Setter

Mattheus Tempel 8.47

Sunday, June 26th Times

Men's Ax Throwing

Art Hughes

Women's Axe Throwing

Sandy Krook

Men's Single Hand Bucking

Cal Richert 30.95

Women's Single Hand Bucking

Alea Oien 1:02.55

Men's Team Hand Bucking

Cal Richert & Art Hughes 18.88

Women's Team Hand Bucking

Robyn Brobst & Alea Oien 45.50

Jack and Jill Hand Bucking

Cal Richert & Nikki Richert 25.18

Men's Stock Power Saw Bucking

Ralph (Animal) Austin 19.88

Women's Stock Power Saw Bucking

Heidi Reichl 27.28

Horizontal Chopping

Jim (Smitty) Smith 13.90

Sunday, June 26th Times

Vertical Chopping

Cal Richert 5.50

Women's Choker Setter Race

Tara Free 28.18

Men's Choker Setter & Hooktender Relay Race

Ralph (Animal) Austin & 1:01.50

Cal Richert

Obstacle Pole Bucking

Adam Lee 19.60

Men's Speed Climbing

Cal Richert 21.70

Women's Speed Climbing

Cindy Pfaff 1:45.15

Men's Log Rolling

Ralph (Animal) Austin

Women's Log Rolling

Nikki Richert

Tree Topping

Ralph (Animal) Austin 1:54.24

Sun. Children's Spike Driving

Ryan Reddekopp 24.74

Sun. Children's Hand Mucking

Dillon Tomaro 15.37

Sun. Children's Choker Setter

Dillon Tomaro 11.16


Don Ellison


Gale Good & Kim Custer

Backhoe Operators Competition

Sat. Todd Tucker 40.36

Sun. John Armstrong 41.17

Best Male Miner Jim (Smitty) Smith

Best Female Miner Alea Oien

Bull of the Woods Ralph (Animal)
(tie) Austin

Cal Richert

Babe of the Woods Alea Oien

All Around Resource Alea Oien

Drawing Winners

Galen Goudernont Chain Saw

Pam VanKirk Tanning

Mike Wiley Bag of "Money" Emily Piceno Afghan

Ziggy Ziegenfuss Aspen Hotel

Brian Palmateer Les Schwab

Jim Johnsrud Wings of Alaska