PUBLISHED: 5:24 PM on Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Soles and stars create SoleStice fundraiser event
KETCHIKAN - Healing Soles led the way to help continue medicine and care to those serviced at Ketchikan General Hospital.

Shoes represent many different things to everyone. However, June 21, the KGH Foundation first SoleStice Girl's Night Out was more than just about shoes. It was about helping achieve the goal of the Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation's Gift of Healing Campaign 2006. It was the final touch to complete the campaign's goal, and a great way to welcome summer to the First City.

This philanthropic campaign started last July and was lead by Patti Mackey and Carolyn Wilsie. These two women lead it with a fast furious pace blended with leadership and organization skills. The Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation's Gift of Healing goal was to raise $120,000 philanthropic dollars for three infant resuscitators/warmer units for the Beginning Birthing Center, and to purchase a Mini C Arm for the surgical unit.

This smaller C-Arm is a more flexible unit helps capture real-time moving images and helps surgeons see into the body.

The SoleStice event was a way for women to celebrate with good friends, good entertainment and a shoe auction.

This was the place to be with high-styling shoes or Xtra Tuffs. What would any lady do without a great pair of shoes? It was about bringing people together to do something fun not only for themselves but helping providing state-of-the art equipment for their friends and neighbors at KGH through their philanthropic gift giving.

There were over 121 tickets sold to the event and another 20 volunteers worked the evening to make the first event successful.

Due to the over-whelming response the space filled rather quickly. There were fad shoes, hip shoes, tiny shoes, big shoes, vintage shoes, slightly used shoes, and even a few extra rubber tuffs.

There were various things to do including posing with friends for a professional photo, outstanding door prizes, silent auction items, and a raffle. A shoe was priced for every ladies taste.