PUBLISHED: 3:58 PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Friends of the Flags thank fund-raising supporters
Friends of the Flags would like to thank all who participated in the annual spring fund-raising event. This marks the 29th consecutive year that the 50 state flags have flown over Egan Drive in Downtown Juneau. The money donated this year will pay for next year's flags, our 30th anniversary year.

Special thanks to Jim Akins and his intrepid crew who put the flags up this spring. The weather was not good. But the rain, wind and cold did not stop them from their mission. Thanks to Tyler Rentals and Juneau manager Steve Kikendall for supplying the man lift. Without this most generous donation, the flag project's fund-raising would have to continue much longer. Thanks to management and owners of KINY/KSUP radio stations for public service announcements publicizing our fund-raising efforts.

Again, thanks for the fine support to keep the flags flying.