PUBLISHED: 3:58 PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
4th of July in Sitka
A grand celebration is planned complete with parade, demonstrations, game and food booths, softball tournament, dance, and fireworks display. For more information, call the Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce at (907) 747-8604 or send an e-mail:

• Sitka Rotary Club Annual Duck Race - Up to 2,000 plastic ducks will match a $5 ticket and will be released into Granite Creek and allowed to float freely downstream. The first duck to cross the finish line at the Halibut Point Recreation Site footbridge will win prizes for the ticket holders.

• St. Gregory's Catholic Church fish dinner immediately following the parade. For more information, call Tana Marcello at 747-8773.

• The Last Resort Animal Sanctuary will be holding the 7th annual Dog Chute on Tuesday, July 4. Entry fee is $5.