PUBLISHED: 3:58 PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Sandwich shop starts up downtown to serve locals

  Tessa Wheeler
In the heart of the Downtown Juneau tourist shops, The Southeast Sandwich Company is open to help feed all the employees who work downtown for employees, citizens and tourists who enjoy walking down to the docks for a quick bit to eat. For a long time now, there hasn't been much for the locals that work down towards the Tram end of town to get a quick lunch and head back to work. The Southeast Sandwich Company serves fresh deli sandwiches made to order, fruit smoothies and other quick snacks to take to go. Orders may be placed in advance and have a sandwich ready to pick up in minutes. Located next to the parking garage Downtown by the docks, a person can grab a sandwich or a smoothie and enjoy lunch by the water, or like many of the employees, head back to work. Opened by local couple, Phil and Tessa Wheeler, who have been involved with the tourism industry for many years, they understand how busy it is during the summer season, and many people just want something quick and easy. They said they are hoping that many of the State employees and other workers from Downtown businesses will take the time to walk a little further for a good quality product. Their main focus is on the locals, and that is what they are hoping will draw more of them their way. The Southeast Sandwich Company is open from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. everyday and can be reached at 586-3590.