PUBLISHED: 2:05 PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
On-board emergency handbook gives tips for any challenge at sea
In the pages

Boaters know they must be self-reliant on the water. When something goes wrong at sea, and the proper response is critical, you need to know immediately how to bring you vessel and your crew safely through.

The "On-Board Emergency Handbook" contains all the information you need to cope with extreme circumstances.

Its 42 emergency topics are alphabetically arranged for quick reference and each one provides instant access to the best action in a given crisis.

In this book you'll find:

Step-by-step instructions to tell you exactly what to do in common and uncommon nautical emergencies.

Twenty-two emergency situations and 20 technical challenges that could precipitate emergencies.

How to manage engine or rig failure, crew overboard, groundings, floodings, fires, etc.

Flow charts and easy-to-follow illustrations provide at-a-glance responses for powerboaters and sailors.

Tried and tested solutions provide advice you can trust.

Author Tony Meisel has sailed extensively on both coasts of the United States, the Caribbean and in northern and southern European waters. He was the associated editor of Motor Boating and Sailing magazine, and is the author of "A Manual of Singlehanded Sailing," "Under Sail," and "To The Sea."