PUBLISHED: 2:05 PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Pelican cases still standard
Product Highlight

Fishing Southeast Alaska is not a dry sport.

If it's not the spray from waves busting over the deck, it's a sure thing that the consistent rainfall will eventually soak every square inch of anything we pack along for the trip.

While clothes and most gear will eventaullly dry out-and work pretty well even soaked-there are some things that simply can't tolerate wet.

That includes photo gear, which just flat won't stand water in any quantities, small or large.

I am constantly battling the decision-risk missing even one once-in-a-lifetime shot, of whales, eagles or that biggest fish-or risk destroying several thoutsand bucks in photo gear.

So I'm protecting my photo gear in a Pelican 1430 waterproof box, which both has a rugged hard shell exterior and a variety of inside compartments that help divide camera bodies and lenses into safe sections, yet provides instant access with a quick flip of the

Pelican top.

But the key element is the unique Pelican O-ring seal, which locks out water, moisture and dirt, and keeps the contents safe and dry.

Pelican invented the concept of waterproof gear cases a generation ago, and continues to refine variations.

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