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Photos From Pat Roppel's Collection

Contests took place during the afternoon. In the Finn Horse event, two men armed with pillows tried to unseat each other. This photo is of a 1920s Wrangell contest.

Hose races consisted of teams running 100 yards pulling the hose cart, unrolling the hose, coupling it to the hydrant, and turning on the water. The winning team of in 1895 finished in a time of 28.5 seconds and won a silver trumpet. At Treadwell, shown in this 1908 photograph, the teams were fire fighting units for the mine and mill operations. Some contests also included putting up a ladder and climbing to the roof peak and turning on the water.

Parades, usually took place, after an orator gave a speech emphasized patriotic enthusiasm. The parade included fraternal organizations and military troops marching in formation. The Spanish American veterans proudly passed in review. This early Ketchikan photo shows a parade led by a band on Stedman Street when it was still a wooden planked road with planked sidewalks.

Photo From Pat Roppel's Collection

Cleats nailed to the street were standard procedure in a tug of war. In this photograph of a 1903 contest in Ketchikan, a judge made sure no one cheated. Some contests lasted for over an hour. In 1907 the Wrangell Loggers vs. the Calder marble quarrymen lasted 24 minutes. Large purses ($25 to $80) were awarded to the team that dragged the opponents past a marker.

Photo From Pat Roppel's Collection

A women's contest required the ladies to drive a nail on an unsupported board. This 1904 contest took place at the mining camp of Sulzer on the West Coast of Prince of Wales. Often people came by boat from villages for these celebrations. Some of these ladies came from Craig.

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Photos: Southeast History: Fun and games in the past July 4

Photos: Southeast History: Fun and games in the past July 4