PUBLISHED: 2:27 PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2007
What can I expect from the NovaSure procedure?
More women are choosing NovaSure because it has been shown to be safe, simple, and successful. NovaSure uses electromagnetic energy to permanently remove the lining (endometrium) of the uterus, which reduces, or eliminates, future bleeding. Here's a look at what happens during the procedure to help you know what to expect:

1. Your doctor will slightly dilate the cervix and insert a slender wand through the cervix into the uterus.

2. The doctor then extends the triangular mesh device through the wand where it expands to conform to the dimensions of the uterine cavity.

3. Electromagnetic energy is then delivered into the uterus for approximately 90 seconds.

4. The triangular mesh device slowly retracts and the wand is gently removed from the uterus.