PUBLISHED: 4:09 PM on Wednesday, June 25, 2008
JAHC 2008 scholarship, grant awards
JUNEAU - The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council has announced the winners of the 2008 Fine Arts Scholarships and Individual Artist Grant awards.

The Council offers scholarship programs to assist students who show particular merit in their artistic studies. Students apply and audition for the scholarships in the spring. The auditions are adjudicated by community artists selected for their background in the arts and education.

This year's student award winners are as follows:

Advanced Art Achievement Award to Jamie Burrows and Kristina Paulick; Jane Stewart Scholarship Award to Jon Hays; Juneau Symphony Award to Kristina Paulick; Peter Barrett Award for Photography to Jayleen Beedle and Laurel Stark; Fine Arts Scholarship to Matthew Bautista, Ashley Boucher, Jacob Chamberlin, Connor Chaney, Auri Clark, Lindsay Clark, Kenny Conneen, David Miller, Shelby Oelklaus, Marie Petersen, Margaret Ross, Ethan Seid, Kevin Sigler, Nathel Sims, Nicole Soloney, Ruby Steedle, Dawson Walker, Denali Wentz, Hannah Wilson, Colin Zheng and Pauline Zheng.

The Council also awarded $3000 in grants to individuals. This year's Individual Artist Grants were awarded to Ryan Conarro, Sarah Conarro, Joe Karson, Sherri McDonald, Magil Pratt, Jay Query, Phoebe Rohrbacher and Alex Romero.