PUBLISHED: 4:18 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Sinking the SeaFari

She was a grand lady.....and when she decided to give herself up to the sea, head to her final resting place, become home to sea critters and a playground for divers, she did it in style. She raised her head, exhaled quietly and settled into her final home. Within an hour, divers descended on her to remove anchor lines and inspect SeaFari in her final place. There were stacks of baby flounder and other flat fish lined up to see the new places to hide. A troop of hermit crabs were heading in to see if there were any snacks for them.....and finally many eel pouts were beginning to explore the area where the dirt was disturbed as SeaFari settled.The Alaska Artificial Reef Society extends thanks to the following businesses and private citizens for donating time, equipment and expertise: Paul Weltzin - Sea Level Transport, M/V Lite Weight; Joe Taylor - Taku Towing, M/V Tongacell; Delta Western; Tyler Rental; Alaska Electric Light&Power and Carleen and Dave Mitchell, DavidStreeter, Kevin Torpy, Joe Arnold, YvetteCullivie, Kim Keifer for help with the permitting process, and Sean and AliceEdwards.