PUBLISHED: 4:18 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Montessori Borealis won't reapply for charter this fall
The Montessori Borealis Charter, approved by the Juneau School Board in April and turned down by the State Board of Education two weeks ago, will not reapply for a charter this fall. That decision was made in agreement with Juneau School District Superintendent Peggy Cowan after a meeting Thursday.

One of the stipulations of the approval was that the Charter School be housed in facilities outside of the district. The Montessori Borealis Charter School Academic Policy Committee (APC) has been unable to lease non-district facilities for the elementary program. The APC met with Superintendent Cowan on Thursday June 16 and jointly determined there was not enough time to find a facility for this coming school year.

The district administration recommends continuing the elementary (1st grade -6th grade) Montessori Program within the Juneau School District and adding the Montessori Adolescent (7th grade - 9th grade) Program to the Juneau School District for this coming school year.

If the Juneau School District Board of Education adopts this recommendation at their Tuesday Board Meeting, the district will use this coming year for planning for the Montessori program; delaying the reapplication to the State Board of Education for the Montessori Borealis Charter School.

Upon Board approval, the enrollment for the first grade to ninth grade Montessori classrooms would be based on the lottery conducted by the district. The district will contact parents of current Montessori enrolled students and waiting list students to explain the program plans following Tuesday's Board action.