PUBLISHED: 5:38 PM on Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Recipe of the WEEK: Seafood Pasta with Garlic Sauce
Seafood Pasta with Garlic Sauce

24 oz. seafood 6 T. olive oil

4 anchovy fillets ½ C. finely minced garlic

1 C. white wine 1 lb. dry pasta

¼ C. minced parsley 6 T. butter

Juice of ½ lemon Parmesan and lemon slices

Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil until very hot and just beginning to smoke. Carefully sauté seafood, taking care not to crowd the pan. Season with salt and pepper. If using scallops, toss in at the last minute. In very large pan, sauté anchovies in remaining olive oil over medium heat, chopping and tossing until they dissolve into the oil. Add garlic, and continue sautéing, stirring constantly, over medium heat until garlic begins to turn golden and give off a toasty smell. Deglaze with white wine. Boil briefly to reduce by half. Add drained pasta and parsley to sauce. Season with salt and pepper and heat through. Add seafood and finish with butter and lemon. Serve with parmesan and lemon slices.

Contributed to Chez Alaska Cooking Schoolby Chef Derrick Snyder

This week at Chez Alaska Cooking School

A New Experience at Chez Alaska Cooking Schoolon June 29 & 30 and July 1 & 2

Former Juneau resident, Pat Kasnick, will be the Guest Chef at Chez Alaska next week. Gretchen Pence will be assisting him. They will be featuring Grilled Alaskan King with Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Ragout on June 29, Halibut en Papillote on June 30, a great brunch with Smoked Salmon Frittata on Sunday, July 1 and Steamed Shrimp and Spinach Dumplings with Asian Sauces on July 2. Check the web at for all the yummy details. Register soon as class size is limited.

NOTE: There is room for 4more students at the Sourdough Desserts Class this Saturday, June 23rdat 9 a.m.