PUBLISHED: 5:38 PM on Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Juneau History Grant awarded to volunteer firefighters, local cooks and basketball players
The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is pleased to announce the 2007/08 recipients of the Juneau History Grant. The 2007 grant will fund Running Toward the Fires: The First 100 Years of the Juneau Volunteer Fire Department submitted by the Juneau Volunteer Firefighters Association, the Best Cook of the Week Cookbook submitted by Anne M. Castle, and the Juneau-Douglas High School Basketball History Part 1 submitted by the Basketball History Committee.

Every year the Juneau-Douglas City Museum awards applicants with funds from the Juneau History Grant. Origins of this grant date back to 1980 when the Juneau Centennial Committee established the Juneau Centennial Scholarship Fund. In 1991, grant management was turned over to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. The grant now funds projects that plan to document, preserve or improve access to the history of the Juneau-Douglas area. Projects might include live performances, public presentations, research papers, recordings, videos, or other media. Since the fall of 1992, when the grant became active again, 15 projects have been awarded.

According to the grant application, Running Toward the Fires focuses on "fire service, firefighters, and fires, within the overall context of Juneau's first 100 years."

Best Cook of the Week Cookbook is an accumulation of the recipes from the weekly newspaper column, 'Best Cook of the Week,' printed in the 1950s. In addition to recipes, this book includes write-ups and photos of the cooks featured in the original column.

The Basketball History Committee plans to use funds from the grant for printing of and associated materials for the Juneau-Douglas High School Basketball History Part 1.

Committee members were impressed with the relevance of the information to Juneau's history. They expressed excitement at seeing how basketball united cultures.

Juneau History Grant applications are accepted and awarded annually. For more information on this program contact the City Museum at 586-3572.