PUBLISHED: 11:30 AM on Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Alaska Broadcast buys KINY, KSUP radio
JUNEAU - CEO of Alaska Broadcast Communications Richard Burns announced during a Rotary Club meeting on June 11 that Alaska Broadcast Communications, owner of radio stations KTKU Taku 105 and KJNO 630 AM, is buying the broadcasting licenses for radio stations KINY and KSUP.

Messages left for Burns were not immediately returned.

Though Alaska Broadcast Communications is the parent company of Taku 105 and KJNO 630 AM, the name listed on the Federal Communications Commission website for the company purchasing KINY and KSUP was Juneau Alaska Communications, LLC.

A public notice on the FCC website reported that applications had been filed for the transfer of licenses from Alaska-Juneau Communication, Inc. to Juneau Alaska Communications, LLC. of radio stations broadcasting throughout Southeast Alaska in the communities of Juneau, Kake, Angoon, Hoonah and Skagway.

The transfer in ownership is possible now due to the addition of a new AM station in the

Juneau market which widens the radio market enough that ownership of the KINY and KSUP would not constitute a monopoly.

According to FCC media ownership rules, a single party may not own, operate or control more than 50 percent of the commercial stations in any market.

Applications for transfer of broadcast license must be made 45 days in advance of the proposed transfer date to allow for a public comment period. Public comments can be made to the FCC. To file an electronic comment visit the FCC web site at

The stations being purchased by Juneau Alaska Communications, LLC are: KSUP broadcast on 106.3 and K300AB 107.9 in Juneau; KINY on 800 in Juneau; K278AC on 103.5 in Kake; K279AF on 103.7 in Haines and Skagway; K280DX on 103.9 in Angoon; K280ED on 103.9 I in Hoonah; and K284AM on 104.7 in Skagway.

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