PUBLISHED: 11:30 AM on Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Senior BP manager to head Denali pipeline project
BP and ConocoPhillips have formed the corporation that will pursue the Denali gas pipeline project and named Bud Fackrell, a veteran BP manager in Alaska, as the company's president on June 12. Fackrell will supervise efforts by the new company, Alaska Gas Pipeline LLC, in preliminary engineering and environmental work on a proposed $30 billion-plus North Slope gas pipeline. Initial efforts are aimed at preparing for an open season to seek commitments of gas capacity for the Denali project in 2010. BP and ConocoPhillips said earlier they will spend $600 million preparing for the open season.

Fackrell's appointment to lead the pipeline company is considered a significant step in organization of the senior management team of the company, which is expected to consist of senior BP and ConocoPhillips personnel with Alaska experience. Fackrell was previously responsible for all of BP's North Slope producing assets except the Prudhoe Bay field.

In a separate development, the state of Alaska is proposing to issue a license for a pipeline project to a Canadian pipeline company, TransCanada Corp. that would grant the pipeline company $500 million in state funds to prepare to tackle a similar project in competition with the BP and ConocoPhillips Denali pipeline. Alaska's state Legislature is now meeting in special session to consider the license.