PUBLISHED: 11:30 AM on Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Seafood Community donates $2,000 to SE Alaska Foodbank
The Juneau Seafood Community recently presented a $2,000 check to the Southeast Alaska Foodbank to help with food and energy costs. From left to right, Darren Adams, Food Bank Manager, Laraine Derr, Foodbank Board, Stephanie Madsen, At-sea Processors Association Executive Director, and Jim Becker, halibut fisherman and past Chamber President. The donation was from proceeds of the Southeast Alaska Seafood Trade show held in Juneau in conjunction with the 2004 International Pacific Halibut Commission annual meeting. Another trade show will be planned when a large fisheries meeting is held in Juneau. The trade show was supported by local fishermen, processors, Juneau Chamber of Commerce, and Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

  photo submitted by Tom Gemmell