PUBLISHED: 5:14 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Cowboy Junkies to play Marlintini's
It isn't every day that Juneau is visited by a band with a fan-base wide enough to include fan sites in Scandinavia as well as Australia -Ebut when the Cowboy Junkies ride into town next Friday, that's what we're getting.

The oh-so-well-named Canadian band, made up of three Timmons siblings from Montreal and bassist Alan Anton, draws on traditions from traditional country, blues, and rock - but have most often been likened to the Velvet Underground. Singer Margo Timmons, once a social worker who describes herself as an unlikely candidate for fame, has a voice filled with urgency and fog, and the understated musical canvas the band paints really transcends any and all influence.

From their humble beginnings in Toronto clubs, the Cowboy Junkies exploded into worldwide fame with their critically acclaimed big label release "The Trinity Session" in 1998. The album, which was recorded with a single microphone at Toronto's Church of the Holy Trinity for a total $250 during one 14-hour session, was only the first in a row of amazing albums from this band.