(A Terza Rima poem)
Writers' Weir: Highlining 061417 AE 1 For the Capital City Weekly (A Terza Rima poem)

By James Kelly.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Writers' Weir: Highlining


(A Terza Rima poem)

by Amy Pinney

What lies below the line is a deep abyss

Rigged across a canyon belayed and leashed

My mind is focused and I’ve practiced this

Balance fine-tuned so risk-tolerance increased

Arms swing after the hips to re-center

Pure mental flow until the end is reached

By tensioned web and spring I’ve surrendered

I am present and all time has stood still

A realm of freedom and play I’ve entered

That I’ve come this far makes it so surreal

My core is solid, my posture is straight

I have trained endurance and focus of will

Quick weight shifting has safeguarded my fate

Wind in my face, I fly and levitate

Amy Pinney is a long time Juneau resident who loves the sport of slacklining. Her family has a slackline set up in the yard for additional outdoor summer fun. As an avid sportswoman, she knows that good balance is the key to everything.