PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM on Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Goldbelt, Inc. holds meeting, elects board
The 33rd annual meeting of Goldbelt, Incorporated - Juneau's urban native corporation - was held June 2, at Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall. About 200 shareholders and family members were present. The shareholders heard a number of reports from company management, including the financial condition of the company and various operations. They then elected three candidates to the board of directors. Incumbent directors Trudy Skan, Del Cesar and Edith McHenry were re-elected to serve on the corporation's board for a three-year term.

At an organizational board meeting following the annual meeting, the board elected its officers for 2007-2008. Joseph Kahklen was re-elected chairman, Randy Wanamaker as vice chairman, Ben Coronell as corporate secretary and Del Cesar as treasurer. All executive officers were reappointed to their positions.