PUBLISHED: 5:59 PM on Wednesday, June 4, 2008
What will you remember most about Lee Leschper?

The first time I visited Lee's home, I was immediately struck by the variety and quantity of mounted heads and dead animal parts displayed there. Then I met his dogs - a toy poodle and a Pomeranian. They were such a contradiction to his outdoorsman/hunter image - it has never stopped being funny to me. I will miss Lee very much. - Jennie Oxman

Lee had been in town two hours. I drove him out the road. He had his rod and reel ready. He cast one time. I turned to get my camera. I heard this maniacal laugh, turned around, and he was reeling in a fish. At that moment, Lee was hooked on the Alaska experience. - Bob Hale

His Halloween goody bags. - Lolita Cook

The WWLD (What Would Lee Do) bumper stickers. - Ana Vera Morato

"Meat." I'll never be able to look at a piece of dead meat and not think of Lee Leschper. Great hunter, OK fisherman. :) Great leader, and an overall "good ole boy." He will be missed. - Laura Newsom

We'll miss his Texan metaphors. - Gretchen Bucki and Tanna Peters

If there was whistling in the office, you could always be sure it was coming from Lee Leschper. He put the expression "Whistle while you work" to shame. His dedication and hard work always came with a whistle, hearty laugh or a smile. We will miss you so very much! - Anna Millard