PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM on Wednesday, June 4, 2008
KTOO radio stations moving to digital channels
All three of KTOO's Juneau radio stations will be available on GCI Cable's digital music audio service starting on June 3rd.

That means that GCI Cable customers in Juneau can listen to KTOO, KRNN and KXLL in CD-quality sound through their cable box and television receiver.

KTOO-FM, Juneau's 24 hour news and information station, will appear on channel 871.

KRNN, which features an eclectic mix of music and entertainment programming, will be on channel 872.

KXLL, "Excellent Radio," will be available on channel 873.

GCI Cable offers 48 channels of CD-quality commercial-free music, called "Music Choice." The service is available to all customers, including basic cable subscribers. The K3 stations will be added to the package in early June. Cable customers can tune the stations on the same cable box they use to tune to their cable television channels. The service is available on all models of cable boxes.

As part of GCI's conversion to all-digital service in Juneau, the old analog KTOO-FM cable signal at 88.1 will be discontinued as of June 3, 2008. GCI Cable customers who currently connect their radios directly to cable will no longer receive the analog signal. However, the audio outputs on the back of the cable box can be directly connected to an auxiliary input on most stereo or home theatre systems. Many newer desktop radios also have an auxiliary input that will allow cable subscribers to listen to the K3 stations and the other "Music Choice" channels directly on the radio receiver.

The change does not affect listeners who tune in KTOO over the air.