PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM on Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Rescuers honored at 2008 Citizenship Awards
JUNEAU - Juneau Mountain Rescue and the Alaska Peace Officers Association are recognizing six individuals for meritorious conduct in life threatening situations over the past year. The awardees rescued or assisted other outdoor or backcountry users who without this assistance could have died or faced serious injury. The awards were presented at Centennial Hall on May 22 at the Alaska Peace Offices Association fundraiser.

JMR Citizen Awards acknowledge members of the public who come to the aid of accident victims while skiing, hiking, climbing or participating in other recreational activities in the Juneau area. The goal is to promote the importance of readiness for the unexpected in our sometimes unforgiving wilderness.

The recipients were:

• Juneau Douglas High School students Jonathan Schirmer and Anthony Stewart helped to rescue and dig out an out of bounds skier after he was buried in an avalanche near Eaglecrest ski area.

• Theo Lexmond and Janette Cadieux were snowshoeing up the Dan Moller trail on the Mt. Troy side when they rescued a man pinned under a snow machine.

• Tristian Dyakanoff, 12, and friend Brandon Johnson, 11, rescued two children that had fallen through an icy pond off Mendenhall Boulevard near Snipe Court. The boys heard shrieks coming from the neighborhood duck pond across the street and the boys successfully pulled Sarah and Zachary Monagle in from the freezing water with a rope.

"The citizen awards are given to those who have made a difference," said JMR Administrative Director Doug Wessen. "Each of this year's meritorious action award recipients took action that saved others. Without their awareness and ability to act quickly in an emergency those that they rescued would likely have died or faced serious injury. The members of Juneau Mountain Rescue recognize their actions with our mountain rescue motto, "so that others may live."