PUBLISHED: 5:12 PM on Wednesday, May 31, 2006
••• Community Events •••
Free Planetarium Show on Star Wars, Tue, Jun 6, 7-7:30 pm, Wed, Jun 7, 7-8, Marie Drake Planetarium, 586-3034

Haines King Salmon Derby, June 3-4, 766-3885.

Organ Concert at the State Office Building, Fridays at noon with a variety of music performed by J. Allan MacKinnon.

Haines American Legion Hamburger Feed, every Thur, 5-7pm.

Haines Elks Lodge Steak Feed, every Sat, 5-7pm.

Haines Elks Lodge Hamburger Feed, every Fri, 5-7pm.

Free Sunday Afternoon Movies at the Glacier, showing full length motion picture based on Jack London's writings, 3pm, Glacier Visitor Center, 789-0097.

Juneau Chess Club, Every Tues, 7-9pm, Downtown Library. The public is welcome to attend and boards and pieces typically provided. Rules taught to those interested. Contact Brian Bezenek, 790-1934.