PUBLISHED: 10:42 AM on Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Letter to the Editor: 2008 Stamp Out Hunger food drive results
Dear Juneau,

Here they are, the official weight count from May 12 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. I am pleased to tell you that we, the people of Juneau, collected 5,946 pounds of food. This Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive for 2008 was sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers in cooperation with the National Rural Carriers Association and the United States Post Office.

We donated 2,207 pounds of food to the Helping Hands Food Bank and 3,739 pounds to Southeast Alaska Food Bank.

We collected 310 pounds of food more than last year, which is really good since Juneau, Alaska is in a state of emergency due to an avalanche that knocked out and damaged 5 towers of our hydro power lines. Since April 17th 2008 we have been running off of diesel generators to power the whole capital city of Juneau. Everyone is trying to do their part to conserve energy any way they can. The diesel is very costly and our light bills are going up also to offset the repairs and fuel need to keep our city running.

Even though we are having some hard times, everyone still gave what they could. I was so happy to collect over 5,000 pounds, because I know everyone here is feeling the money crunch. I'm glad that our food drive went well, because now more than ever, more people here are going to need to go to the food banks for help. Families are going to have to choose to either pay their light bill or buy food. The food we collect here in Juneau feeds people here in Juneau.

Thanks to all who gave and helped with our 2008 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

With Great Gratitude,

Mark J. Piotrowski

NALC 2008 Food Drive

Representative for Juneau