PUBLISHED: 12:56 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Celebrating the real survivors

This past Saturday was National Cancer Survivors Day. Cancer Connection had a Celebration of Life Walk at 11am from Centennial Hall to the Capitol Steps. Survivors and their families joined 700 other communities celebrating nationwide.

The walk culminated in a luncheon at Centennial Hall with featured keynote, Dr George Laramore, Head of Radiology Oncology at the University of Washington.

Cancer Connection honored 4 individuals for their community service on behalf of cancer survivors. Honorees for 2005 were:

Youth Inspiration Award; Bob Hirsch, 21 yr old, acute lymphatic leukemia survivor

Medical Professional of the Year: Dr William Palmer

Volunteer of the Year: Beth Belflower

Survivor of the Year :Tish Griffin Satre

During the event a concurrent support event was being held by Coastal Helicopters supporting Cancer Connection's Lynne Wunsch Memorial Travel fund. Coastal did $50 helicopter icefield tours and plan to present all proceeds to Cancer Connection.