PUBLISHED: 4:06 PM on Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Giving garden
Arboretum donated to City of Juneau

  Friends of the late Caroline Jensen walk through a section of the 17-acre property donated to the City of Juneau. The arboretum is open to the public and is located about a mile past the Shrine of St. Theresa.
As the sun strongly broke through the clouds as the flowers in the garden of the late Caroline Jensen brightly displayed with colors Sunday, May 21, where friends gathered to remember the master gardener.

The 17-acre property was dedicated as it was left to the City of Juneau as an arboretum.

The garden is now open to the community and is located at 23035 Glacier Highway, about a mile past the Shrine of St. Therese.

Sharron Lobaugh said the garden is a "special thing" for the city to have because of the variety of plants and flowers. She said Jensen spent much time experimenting with what plants would grow best in Alaska and cultivated her garden carefully.

"I think we should think of her like Joe Juneau and gold to Caroline Jensen and gardening," Lobaugh said.

"She did a lot of research over what works best in Southeast Alaska, and was always working with the soil."

  Cliff Lobaugh, left, takes out mementos for speakers at Caroline Jensen's memorial as Sharron Lobaugh gives Mayor Bruce Bothelo a gift of a primrose in Jensen's ashes.
Jensen died Feb. 21, just days shy of her 89th birthday. Friend Judy Sherburne said Jensen did not want a funeral, but said it would be OK if a few friends gathered in the garden to remember her.

"Caroline was much more than a gardener. She was a keen observer of nature and an educator, which is a big part of why she gifted the arboretum to Juneau," Sherburne said.

"She always had something to teach."

- Amanda Gragert