PUBLISHED: 5:29 PM on Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Brain Power
SAGA partners with United Way to provide energy assistance
JUNEAU - SAGA and the United Way of Southeast Alaska are partnering in an effort to assist low income households in the Juneau area during the energy crisis.

SAGA will run a pilot project by starting with a group of 16-20 volunteers. Volunteers plan to do energy assessments on fifty houses by the end of May.

After the initial homes are evaluated supplies will be acquired based on what the evaluations show is needed.

These items may be twist low-energy light bulbs, weather-stripping, power strips or supplying a refrigerator thermometer. They will also be trained to turn down the thermostats on hot water heaters and will be able to educated homeowners on ways they can conserve energy such as line drying or using the settings on the dishwasher properly.

After the first fifty homes have been completed, the program will be re-evaluated and put a system put into place to continue addressing the need.

"After the crisis SAGA hopes to encourage energy efficiency in all homes," says Joe Parrish, executive director of the nonprofit.

SAGA aims to start in homes that qualify as low-income, but also may be elderly households or the home of someone physically or mentally disabled and therefore unable to make energy changes themselves. SAGA will be utilizing VISTA and AMERICORPS volunteers that are currently in Juneau but they are soliciting more.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping, please contact AnnMarie at SAGA 790-6413 or email with any questions.

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