PUBLISHED: 5:29 PM on Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Charter school students help replace books lost in fire
The Headstart Preschool in the western Alaska village of Quinhagak suffered a devastating fire on March 19, 2008. After brainstorming ways to help the preschool get back on its feet, the kindergarten and first grade students at Juneau Community Charter School, with the help of teacher Linda Torgerson and Rhonda Vaughan, practicum student teacher, started a book drive to help replace some of the books lost in the blaze.

JCCS approached the Governor's Office to see if it could help with the cost of shipping the books to the village. Governor Sarah Palin's Special Assistant for Education, Lynne Smith , was enthusiastic about the student's efforts and on May 6 the children carefully transported the 273 books via several red wagons from the school to the capitol. The students and thier teachers were greeted by the governor's staff, had their photos taken in the Governor's conference room and received special bookmarks for thier efforts. The books were shipped from the Governor's office last week. JCCS wishes to thank Gov. Palin for her support of literacy for all of Alaska's children and especially helping Quinahagak preschoolers!