PUBLISHED: 3:55 PM on Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Propane Safety
More than 75 percent of American households have a grill - the majority of them fueled by propane. That's because propane grills offer homeowners a wide variety of benefits. They are, for example, equipped with convenient on/off switches, allowing for instant heat, easy temperature adjustments and quick cool-down times. And because there are no burning embers, propane grills don't throw sparks or require messy cleanup.

Before the grilling begins, however, here are some important safe grilling tips that will help ensure that you and your family have a healthy and enjoyable grilling experience this summer:

• Always follow grill manufacturer's instructions on lighting the grill and make sure the grill top is open.

• Always use or store cylinders outdoors in an upright (vertical) position. Do not use, store or transport cylinders near high temperatures (this includes storing spare cylinders near the grill).

• When the cylinder is refilled, have the supplier check for dents, damage, rust or leaks.

• Before connecting or lighting a propane gas grill, use a leak-detection solution to check connections for tightness. Do not use matches or lighters to check for leaks.

• After filling or exchanging, take the cylinder home immediately. Keep the vehicle ventilated and the cylinder valve closed and capped.

• If you suspect a gas leak, call the fire department immediately.

• Do not allow children to tamper or play with the cylinder or grill.

• Do not smoke while handling a propane cylinder.

• Never pour an accelerant such as lighter fluid or gasoline on the grill.

• When not in use, grill burner controls should be turned off and cylinder valve closed.

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