PUBLISHED: 4:25 PM on Wednesday, May 18, 2005
This year's flag crew

The 50 state flags are flying and flapping again along Egan Drive between the Douglas Bridge and Marine Park. The flags have been flying since 1978 thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Friends of the Flags, a non-profit group that raises and cares for the flags.

This year's flag crew was Michael Orelove, Jim Akins, George Fisher, Shawn Huntley, Hal Cleek, Carl John, Hans Mercer, Jim Carroll, and Kirby Day. Use of the lift truck was donated again by Tyler Rentals.

"This year we have the new Georgia state flag flying along Egan Drive near Good Hardware," said Michael Orelove. The new Georgia state flag was approved in 2003, after the governor signed a bill replacing an unpopular design adopted in 2001. The 2001 design succeeded Georgia's 1956 flag which was dominated by a large Confederate emblem.