PUBLISHED: 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 18, 2005
19th Juneau Jazz & Classics gears up for 9 days of great music

  This year's Juneau Jazz & Classics will feature acts as different as ~ Cyril Neville and the Uptown Allstars (above), who will pay tribute to the New Orleans musical culture in the Saturday, May 28 performance at Centennial Hall.
On the brink of its annual festival, Juneau Jazz & Classics is sprinkled with jazz, classical and blues music by guest artists. Add a bit of funk, reggae and rap and the festival will ffer its greatest eclectic mix yet.

The 2005 Juneau Jazz & Classics will shift into high gear Friday, May 20 th and run 9days until May 28th, with such greats as Cyril Neville and the Uptown Allstars with their New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian music and Jubilant Sykes with his diverse and personal approach to singing. Add, rock-jazz fusion guitar legend Larry Coryell, the stunning three-part vocal harmonies of the gospel-blues band The Holmes Brothers, the intelligent lyrics and melodies of Trout Fishing in America and three stunning performances by the 2005 Resident Chamber Ensemble, and the Festival will target a new and more diverse audience of music lovers.

  ~ Trout Fishing in America (at left) will hold a songwriting workshop for young folks and a family concert, the latter on Thursday, May 26, at 7 pm at ANB Hall.
"We've trying to attract to a wider variety of people," said Pam Johansen, Executive Director of Juneau Jazz & Classics.

"With the variety of musical styles we've programmed this year we will undoubtedly spread our wings. It's been a blast programming this year's event and we're looking forward to launching it."

Linda Rosenthal, Artistic Director of Juneau Jazz & Classics, said,

  ~ The Holmes Brothers (below), will kick off this year's festival with their brand of gospel-inflected, spiritually moving and funky music on Friday, May 20 th at ANB Hall.
"It's hard to describe how exciting and gratifying it is for me when the moment happens - when the musicians arrive, the stages are set, the audiences take their seats, the lights go down and the music begins. Juneau Jazz & Classics is eagerly anticipated by the community each spring and has become a major annual celebration of music."

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