PUBLISHED: 4:03 PM on Friday, May 16, 2008
Sled Dog Summer Camp
Your adventure begins with a breathtaking drive along Gastineau Channel, through the historic AJ Gold Mine site and into the remote Sheep Creek Valley. You will be greeted by professional mushers and teams of Alaskan huskies. Embark on an educational tour of Sheep Creek Dog Camp located on the site of the famous AJ Mine. Enjoy real stories from the trail and legends from the days of the Gold Rush. Visit an exact replica of an Iditarod race checkpoint and go through the steps the musher goes through, as if you were racing in the Iditarod.

Meet 2007 Iditarod racer, Matt Hayashida, and hear firsthand what it's like to race 1,049 miles! The health and well-being of the dogs is any musher's greatest concern. You'll learn what mushers go through to care for the dogs and to keep them healthy and happy. Cuddle with our adorable husky pups and help us with their initial social training. Interactive and interpretive displays of the Alaskan Gold Rush days and sled dogs, then and now, are placed within easy walking distance throughout the Camp.

The real excitement begins when you climb aboard a comfortable, specially-designed, wheeled sled. Made for seasons without snow, these sleds are comfortable and authentic for you and the dogs. Experience the thrill of dog mushing as you ride through beautiful Sheep Creek Valley behind an energetic, excited, team of Alaskan Huskies. Enjoy gorgeous scenery as you zip through the valley, and realize why mushers love their dogs and love the sport.