PUBLISHED: 4:02 PM on Friday, May 16, 2008
Hot Bite
Juneau's Best Burger since 1983
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The Hot Bite Restaurant is located in beautiful Auke Bay Harbor, 13 miles north of downtown Juneau, Alaska. A seasonal restaurant situated in the building that housed the Pan American ticket office in the 1940's, we have a rich history as depicted in our photos and paintings. We've been in Auke Bay harbor for 25 years, and pride ourselves on our down-to-earth and carefully prepared food. We have indoor seating and when the weather permits, we have outdoor seating as well.

The Hot Bite features charbroiled hamburgers, all-natural buffalo burgers, locally caught fish and chips, chicken and fish sandwiches, housemade chowder and chili, pulled pork or beef barbecue, stuffed portabella mushroom burgers, and, of course, our famous, creamy milkshakes in dozens of flavors. We sell live crab in season from our saltwater tank. We use only the freshest, quality ingredients - right down to our beautiful hamburger buns made right here in Juneau.