PUBLISHED: 11:15 AM on Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Juneau Dipsticks Club celebrates seventh

Photo by Abby LaForce
  Brad Maynard, member of the Juneau Dipsticks Car Club, poses with 1987 Jeep Wrangler, featuring a 2000 Corvette engine and transmission.
Souped up and tricked out-hot rods and gleaming motorcycles received their share of public marvel during the Juneau Dipsticks Car Club's Seventh Annual Classic, Custom and Antique Auto and Cycle show. The event took place May 11-13, at Centennial Hall with an admission of $5.

The show serves as a fundraiser for programs at Juneau-Douglas High School focusing on industrial trades including the metal, wood and automotive shop, and funds scholarships annually.

It also has sponsored the high school's speech and debate team.

"When you look around and see 100 people-someone just got a $500 scholarship," said Kelly Peres, president of Juneau Dipsticks.

The club will award about $11,000 this calendar year.

For 2007, it's the 50th anniversary of the '57 Chevy, a benchmark of an era in automobilia, Peres said.

"There's some awesome stuff; it's just amazing what Juneau has," said Dipstick's member Lonnie Accord.

Accord's contribution this year is his pearly aquamarine '52 Chevy Sedan, which he's had for five years. A founding member of the Dipstick's, it's his last year to celebrate before moving to Oregon.

Photo by Abby LaForce
  The cherry red 1932 Ford Roadster, called Pinocchio and emblazed with "Double Trouble" was part of the collection at the 7th Annual Classic, Custom and Antique Auto and Cycle Show on May 11-13 in Juneau. The twin engine Roadster is part of Tim Smith's hot rod collection in Florence, Ore. Smith also provided the show with a number of other "hot rod" collectables from his collection.
The Dipstick's are a non-profit group made up of men and women; the club doesn't specialize in individual branches.

"Juneau Dipsticks are organized to educate about automotive and industrial arts. The Dipsticks promote the customization and/or restoration of classic and contemporary automobiles and the trades that allow that restoration and customization," according to the club.

"We get together infrequently and work on each other's automobiles. We do poker runs and Friday night cruises-a rollin' car show," Peres said.

While most members have hot rods, not all do.

"Those who don't have car put their hearts into it. They work just as hard to support (the) club," Accord said.

Featured this year is a twin-engine roadster from the Tim Smith's hot rod collection in Florence, Ore. Smith, who lived in Juneau previously, is also providing the show with a number of other "hot rod" collectables from his collection.

Photo by Abby LaForce
  The 1967 Pontiac GTO, with a paint job that changes in different lighting from navy blue to purple, was featured in the original hit movie, "xXx" with actor Vin Diesel. Features include a combination of high-tech armaments, gatling gun, headlights that fire up to five missiles and classic muscle car essentials. The hot rod was sponsored by Don Abel Building Supply.
Working with the Dipsticks, Alaska Marine Lines donated a container for Smith to ship his roadster.

Smith looked at the container and said it was a horrible waste of space for just one car, so he stuffed it full of memorabilia, Peres said.

Another feature included a 1967 Pontiac GTO used in the filming of the first "xXx" movie starring Vin Diesel. The GTO showcases Hollywood accents such as a Gatling gun, mounted flame throw and headlights that fire up to five missiles.

At Centennial Hall's entrance, people were able to view John Mayenberg's "Die Cast Collection," showcasing numerous mini car models-a toy land dream.

The show also included workshops from Simon Evans, an internationally recognized expert on custom automotive painting. He's appeared on the program "Overhaulin,'" "Hot Wheels," "Street Fire" and worked with "American Chopper."

Evans, who is originally from Oxford, England tours the United States with his show, "Paint by Simon," teaching his trade.

"I just teach people how to create a three-dimensional effect on a two-dimensional surface," Evans said.

He said he teaches people with no skill or art background.

"My stand-up philosophy is 'give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime," Evans said. They walk out knowing they created something out of nothing, he said.

Learning to airbrush rivets, skulls and realistic fire, he provides all the equipment. Students took home their creation after the Saturday workshops.

On Sunday, Evans airbrushed a car, motorcycle and car panels for an exhibition show. While airbrushing, onlookers viewed the creation in action on a large theater screen in the show room

For those who missed the air-brush workshop, Evans will be touring through Alaska again in September.

The show is sponsored by 18 local businesses and principally underwritten by Dodge Motorsports and Auto Mendenhall Center. Alaska Litho donated $250 worth of prizes.

Other exciting automobiles included Brenda Pagano's pretty pink '54 Chevy Pickup and Brad Maynard's bright blue '87 Jeep Wrangler equipped with a 2000 Corvette engine and transmission.

"There are a lot of vehicles here, some new and some from movies-it's just incredible," said Dipstick member Jim Marquardt.

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