PUBLISHED: 11:36 AM on Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Letter to the Editor:
Dear CCW:
Thank You to all the 2004 youth basketball coaches! The Juneau Parks and Recreation Department would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all of the 2004 youth basketball coaches. We apologize for the timing of this Thank You note. We are grateful of the time and effort put into making the season excel. Without the commitment, enthusiasm and hard work of our volunteer coaches, it would be impossible to run the youth basketball program. We want to take this chance to thank all the team helpers and assistants whose name did not get included on this list:

Al Tingley, Andy Lee, Arnold Ibias, Ashley Larson, Bob Saviers, Brian Whistler, Bruce Botelho, Carmen Magnuson, Carrie Cummings, Chuck Gordon, Daryl Miller, Dave Ringle, David Campbell, David Swofford, Dutch Knight, Gary Franzen, Greg Huebschen, Jack Manning, Jay Houston, Jeremy Gleason, Jody Vick, Joel Osburn, Joey Fox, John Grummett, John Monagle, John White, Jon Heifetz, Jorge Cordero, Julie Fenumiai, Kate Potter, Kaylee Fowler, Kelly Jo McCormick, Kyle Huntsman, Roger Calloway, Lloyd Johnson, Mac Metcalfe, Maritt Miller, Mark Kasberg, J. Mark Pusich, Michael Fox, Michael Bickmore, Mike Kelly, Mike Mauseth, Norman Staton, Peter Jones, Phil Paramore, Philip Stewart, Randy Hurtte, Ray Paddock, Ray Vidic, Rena Balzer, Rhonda Hickok, Richard Pratt, Richard Rainery, L. Roger Calloway, Ron Taug, Russ Stevens, Shawn Henderson, Talisa Rhea, Tom Rutecki, Vance Sanders, Vincent Isturis.