PUBLISHED: 5:17 PM on Wednesday, May 7, 2008
'Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway' captures an epic search
There's no doubt that fossils are cool. If you don't believe it yet, then take a journey with Paleontologist and writer Kirk Johnson and Alaskan artist Ray Troll.

"Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway" captures an epic search along western states that are just chock full o' fossils. Johnson and Troll "move forward through the past" through Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and more.

Johnson has a knack for bringing clear understanding to those who haven't yet grasped geologic concepts yet and also brings new understanding to those that do. His analogies of pancakes and onion layers to geologic formations are especially welcoming.

Troll captures every step of their journey in the Ford fossil hunting truck they call Big Blue. His drawings of 11 foot tall camels, double tusked elephants, giant killer pigs, ammonites, trilobites and roadside dinosaur tracks will entertain and enthuse the eyes of people whether they are age nine or 90.

Johnson and Troll make a great team even bringing to light the frequently overlooked fossilized plants which show in abundance what kind of habitat fossilized creatures used to live in. Johnson explains that in some areas where there are now flat plains, there used to be rainforests and at other times even oceans.

This is the most fun packed book about fossils and the earths history yet. Watch out, you may just become a Paleonerd yourself.

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