PUBLISHED: 4:57 PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2005
Pets awaiting Adoption

Spats is a friendly, one-year-old, neutered male housecat. His fluffy coat is not orange, but a soft shade of golden tan - and very soft to touch. Playful and active, this handsome youngster likes children as well as adults. He always uses his scratching post and litter box. He would fit comfortably into any home and be a striking addition to the décor.

Tulik is a neutered male husky mix from the Bethel area. He has been housebroken and understands "sit," but has had no other training. Just 18 months old, his jaws are still developing; right now, he chews on everything. Tulik gets along well with people of all ages, is very active and loves to play with other dogs.