PUBLISHED: 4:57 PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2005
Get ready for a wild ride!

Photo courtesy of Dennis Burri
  The '33 Ford Roadster, "Wild Effect"
When the then lone female member of the Juneau Dipsticks happened upon a car show in Portland, Oregon, during a family vacation, it turned out to be a lucky strike not only for the "Lipstick of the Dipsticks" but for the entire Juneau car-loving community: Brenda Pagano's impulse to drop a business card in an amazing vehicle resulted in a very special attraction coming to this year's Dipsticks Car Show at Centennial Hall on Friday and Saturday, May 8 and 9.

Pagano ran across the "Wild Effect," a '33 Ford Roadster owned by Dennis Burri, at the Pacific Northwest Car Show.

"It was my first car show down south," she said. Impressed by the car, and the attention it was receiving, Pagano quietly stepped over the ropes and tiptoed up to "I dropped off a 'dipstick' -- each of us have our own business cards -- and placed it under one of the advertising plaques in the trunk, I put it underneathso it was kind of hidden," Pagano said. "I wrote on the back 'this is not a hoax; we're a real car club in Juneau, Alaska, and we're looking for a car to come to our May car show."

Pagano then tiptoed back out, "and wiped my prints off the carpet."

"He won at that particular show, and he has won many," she said. "So yeah, I was really surprised but excited to get a call from Dennis Burri."

Burri, a full time dentist who is a hot rodder in his spare time, bit, and right now, the Wild Effects should be on its way north to Juneau, thanks to Alaska Marine Lines.

Kelly Peres, vice president of the Dipsticks, said one person who had seen the "Wild Effects" told him, "You don't go to the car show to see this car -Ethis car is the car show."

"This thing has been valuedE- I've heard numbers all over the place," said Peres, "all numbers are in the six figures."

Lani Acord, Dipstick board member, had also seen the Wild Effects at a car show in the lower 48.

"It's beautiful," he said. "For one thing, it's a '33 Ford Roadster which takes care of all the old-school guys - but from there... it's got beautiful paint, like a purple plum color. It's done really well. And the thing just pretty much pulsates."

The pulse Acord is talking about isn't only metaphorical. The "Wild Effects" has a $40,000-50,000 sound and video system built into it. So at the end of the show on Saturday night, Burri has agreed to do a dance -Eright out of his car.

"It will be dance music from the 60's to current," said Pagano. "And he's DJ-ing from the car. Everything is gonna be -Eit has a light show, audio and video, and a trailer with pop-out screens - it's going to be a really exciting evening."

The dance starts at 8 p.m. on Saturday (doors will open around 7:30) and runs til 11 p.m. People who attend the car show will get a discounted rate on the $5 dance tickets. Dipsticks -Edressed up in 50's attire to celebrate this being the 5th annual car show - will be selling apple pie and ice cream donated by SuperBear.

"We're inviting people to dress the 50's look if they want to," Pagano said.

Apart from the feature car, the Dipsticks 5th Annual Classic Custom, Antique Auto & Cycle Show will show off approximately 35 other cars, trucks, and motorcycles from local enthusiasts.

The proceeds, as in earlier years, goes to programs in the public schools that don't receive funding from the regular school budget -EIndustrial Arts, Debate, etc. scholarships, not only for the high school, but also for college students.

"The Dipsticks are growing," said Pagano, who has been joined by another woman in the ranks, "and it's a wonderful program to help students."

This year, a new addition to the show is slot car racing, which is free to ticketholders. Peres said some of the Dipsticks members "have taken it upon themselves to set up three slot car tracks so kids and parents can come in and play with them."

As always, there are plenty of door prizes, including soap box car kits. One soap box car kit will be given away to a slot cars race winner; another one will go to the winner in a coloring contest.

The car show opens in Centennial Hall at 5 p.m. Friday, May 6, and stays open til 9 p.m. Saturday hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and then there's the dance from 8-11. Admission is $5.

And the show will not continue Sunday. As their advertising of the event says, "even a Dipstick knows it's Mother's Day!"