PUBLISHED: 4:46 PM on Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Jim Stoltz delivers tales and tunes from 26,000 mile wilderness walk
Meet the man who has covered North America by boot, sharing his vision to save the wild in a free multimedia show Saturday, May 6 at Centennial Hall

Juneau will have an opportunity to meet America's one-of-a-kind wilderness troubadour when Forever Wild-2006 comes at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 6, to Centennial Hall. Tickets are free for this event.

Walkin' Jim Stoltz has trekked from coast to coast, Mexico to Canada, Yellowstone to the Yukon, from high in the Arctic to deep in the Utah canyons. All those years in the wild places and 26,000 miles of walking have given him a great love and respect for America's natural beauty. He shares that appreciation in his celebratory show, Forever Wild-2006. Stoltz sings in a deep bass voice, plays guitar, and tells stories about his travels while projecting spectacular images of the wilderness he has photographed on his travels.

Though Stoltz has been taking long-distance hikes since 1974, this is his 20th anniversary year of touring America with Forever Wild. He says he realized those many years ago that a great way to bring out the love of nature in everyone was to celebrate it. By sharing the beauty he's seen, in images, songs, and stories, he moves people to care for our land, rivers, and wildlife.

"The road less traveled is not a road," Stoltz said. "And we ought to stop building any more roads through our wildlands."

This year his goal is to visit all 50 states, perform 100 free events and encourage 100,000 calls and letters in his personal crusade to save these wild places for the future. He is being joined by hundreds of other musicians, speakers and community groups across the nation.

His only local appearance is sponsored by the Sierra Club.

Stoltz encourages people who hear about his tour to learn more about his "Call for Wild" program and how they can help by visiting

"He's truly a unique and impressive songwriter and performer," says Irene Alexakos of Sierra Club."