Please briefly describe your business.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Making Local Work: Alaska Pirate's Pride

Please briefly describe your business.

The Alaska Pirate's Pride is a customized excursion tour business aboard a fully re-configured 1927 tug boat. The APP will provide three to five day excursion tours as well as half to full day fishing charters. The business is built on the premise of creating a unique experience for our customers.

When did your business begin? Did you see a niche to fill, is there a story behind it?

Capt. Bud Cook, owner of the APP, fell in love with the waters of the Inland Passage early in his career. His dream was to bring the charm of the APP to the people of Southeast and its visitors. Purchasing the APP in Washington State, Capt. Bud's vision was to build a business that would stand out among others and provide its customers with a memorable lifetime experience while sustaining the integrity, history and beauty of his vessel. His research revealed no other tug boats within the Juneau area that provided this type of opportunity. Business began the summer of 2011.

What is your business's mission, and how do you work to achieve this?

The mission is to provide customers with the opportunity to fish, whale watch, gold pan, deep water dive and view glaciers all within the comfortable setting of a heritage vessel with an Alaskan history.

How many employees do you have?

The APP has no employees at this time. However, Capt. Bud's talents with the help of his fiance have provided family and friends with gourmet meals, cozy staterooms and access to some of the most beautiful waters in Southeast.

Do you provide service to all of Southeast Alaska?

Long term, the APP is exploring business opportunities in Hoonah, Wrangell and possibly Sitka.

Do you provide web sales?


What are your biggest triumphs?

Customizing the APP and it's services has been our biggest triumph. It is truly a comfortable and relaxing experience and at the same time, full of the excitement that comes with cruising in the beautiful waters of Southeast.

What work practices do you try and maintain in order to serve the community the best that you can?

Capt. Bud feels strongly about

"buying local". Finding parts, buying lumber to marketing - we look local first!

What might encourage local residents to visit your business, rather than a non-local business?

We can provide an alternative to the stale boardroom, a private reception, a special occasion.

Are there any interesting facts or information the community might not know about your business?

One just needs to step aboard! There is nothing quite like it!

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