PUBLISHED: 4:32 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Making the Fun Fair a possibility for all
On Saturday, April 21, the Second Annual Sitka Fun Fair took place. Twenty-three different individuals, businesses and organizations made it possible for Sitka residents to sample a wide variety of fun physical activities. The goal of this event is to encourage Sitka's residents to understand that physical activity should be fun, regardless if they prefer to do push-ups or if they love dancing. This event also demonstrates that Sitka's businesses offer many wonderful opportunities to incorporate physical activity in a fun way to our daily lives.

This year 20 activities were offered over a two-day period. An introductory biofeedback session and the Community Earth Day bike bide were offered on Friday. On Saturday, the official Fun Fair offered - a beginner's yoga class, a belly dancing workshop, an open house for women to try the Curves' workout, an exercise ball class, fly fishing lessons, folk dance lessons, a fun guided bike ride, a guided hike, a Highland Fling (Scottish dancing) class, jazz dancing lessons, kayaking trials, a mixed-level yoga class, an open gym for children age 8-and-younger, a partner yoga class, a stretch and strengthen your gardening muscles workshop, T'ai Chi Chih, traditional canoe practice, and a women's triathlon clinic.

This day would not have been possible without the cooperation of the individuals and businesses that offered the activities - Church of Christ, Curves, Fly Away Fly Shop, Kris Fulton, Martina Kurzer, Neurobehavioral Consultants, New Archangel Dancers, Crystal Oostema, Dorothy Orbison, SEARHC's WISEWOMAN program, Sitka Bike and Hike, Sitka Community Schools, Sitka Mountain Bike Association, Sitka Physical Therapy, Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures, LLC, Sitka Studio of Dance, Sitka Traditional Canoe Club, Sitka Trail Works, Unitarian Church, University of Alaska Southeast, Chris Warren, Yellow Jersey Bike Shop, and Yoga Union.

The day ended with the "Dancing Through the Decades" event held at Sheldon Jackson's Hames PE Center. This free dance was generously supported by the following businesses - Alaska Computer Center, Ben Franklin, Dan Evans, Fisherman's Eye, Foreign Automotive, Kathryn Mathews, Neurobehavioral Corporation, North Star Rent-A-Car, Pizza Express, Rain Country Surplus, SEARHC's Injury Prevention Program, Sitka Community Hospital, State Farm Insurance and Wilmac Corporation. Fruit and vegetables were provided for Hames Corporation and prepared by Galley Deli and Café. McDonald's Restaurant and True Alaska Bottling provided water for the dancers.

We would like to thank the people who agreed to take time from their business to be on the steering committee this year and help organize the Fun Fair - Dr. Paul Beane, Sitka Wellness Center; Georgina Dapcevich, Sitka Pioneer Home; FS2 Raymond Eakes, United States Coast Guard; Marcie Hattan, Baranof Island Housing Authority; Holly Keen, Sheldon Jackson College, Penny Lehmann, Sitka Public Health Center; Kathryn Mathews, University of Alaska Southeast; Melinda McAdams, Sitka Studio of Dance; Dr. Cindy Westergaard, Neurobehavioral Consultants; and Melody Wojcik, Galley Deli and Café.

With all of the opportunities that Sitka offers, each person should be able to incorporate 30 minutes of fun, physical activity into their daily lives!

Renae Mathson, SEARHC Steps to a Healthier SE Alaska Program, Walleen Whitson, SEARHC Lifestyle Balance and Diabetes Prevention programs Sitka Fun Fair Co-coordinators