PUBLISHED: 4:36 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2007
CBJ Scientific Panel releases report on impacts of climate change in Juneau
The CBJ Scientific Panel on Climate Change today released its report, "Climate Change:

Predicted Impacts on Juneau," predicting, among other things, warmer and wetter weather for Juneau, particularly in the fall and winter. The Panel sites climate models that predict continued warming at rates dependent on future emissions of greenhouse gases. The 75-page Report also documents changes in the Juneau climate including annual temperature increases, snowfall decreases, and winter rain increases.

"Mayor Botelho showed strong leadership in turning to the scientific community as a first step in the CBJ's response to the serious challenges associated with climate change. Hopefully, the report will help the community take action to slow that change and ameliorate its effects," said Brendan Kelly, climate panel chair.

Botelho thanked the panel for its significant contribution and expressed his hope that the report will help the residents of Juneau understand the potential local effects of global climate change and also motivate them to action.

"In order for us to fashion strategy for action, the first thing we need is good information. The Panel has provided us the information we need to demonstrate that we will be impacted locally and personally by changes going on around us.

The next step is to develop strategies to do our part to slow the change and to adapt to it."

The 6-member CBJ Scientific Panel on Climate Change began its work in March 2006. The complete document can be found online at the City's website,